Our Services

Auctioning Services

  • Global Auctioning & Valuations (GAV) provides services for Businesses and Governmental Entities to liquidate surplus, recover assets, and reduce inventory. GAT does not believe in a “One size fits all” approach to your needs. Rather, through the use of various options, we believe in customizing a program that works best for you. Our partnerships and strategic alliances give us flexibility, while allowing us to utilize the best programs and solutions available in the industry. Our reach is global, yet we don’t forget about potential buyers in your local market. Our marketing department actively generates potential buyers both locally and globally for our clients. Finally, we put your business first; branding your business with your logo and your color scheme. Clients that you drive to your auction, or any other auction that is generated for you, remain your client.
  • They are not sent to a generic auctions with both the assets that you are marketing along with the assets of what others are marketing.

Technical Advisory& Loan Supervision

  • GAV is one of the only companies in Egypt where the licensed appraisers are also syndicated Engineers registered in both the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and the Syndicate of Egyptian Engineers. GAT therefore offers the unique service of monitoring of project progress and loan supervision for development projects. The scope of work includes doing a certified independent technical progress report on initial status of the project reviewing the feasibility study of the development project, verifying the investment cost and its assumptions verifying the project’s timeframe. Presenting quarterly progress reports analyzing completion rates, incurred expenses, deviations from planned cash flows and actuals, certifying project completion dates and any provisions that would impede the investment assumptions.

Development Feasibility Studies

  • GAV has extensive knowledge and expertise in conducting complete development feasibility studies. In our reports, we establish whether the project is viable, help identify feasible options, and assist in the development of other project documentation such as the business case, project execution plan and strategic brief. A development project is feasible where the real estate analyst determines that there is a reasonable likelihood of satisfying explicit objectives when a selected course of action is tested for fit to a context of specific constraints.

Equipment and Machinery Valuation

  • All of our machinery and equipment (M&E) appraisal work is supervised and performed by certified appraisers and engineers. These appraisals conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The steps in a typical machinery and equipment appraisal assignment include: Identifying the assets to be appraised, defining the purpose of the appraisal, establishing the valuation date for the appraisal, determining the appropriate valuation concepts and approaches to be utilized, determining the type of valuation study to be completed, selecting the type of appraisal report to be provided, and checking the availability of data and information.

Real Estate Appraisals

  • GAT appraisers are specialists in estimating the value of land and the structures on that land, whether it’s a home, hotel, factory or farm. Appraisals are commonly required when clients buy a property, sell a property, apply for or renew a mortgage, for insurance purposes, to settle estates, and to settle divorce cases, for bank guarantees and for partnership agreements. We prepare a written description of the property, and draw a diagram of the property that shows structures. We also verify legal descriptions of the property with authorities or city records, along with an estimated market value. Fair-market values are based on factors such as property condition, the values of properties in close proximity, and building replacement costs, using building valuation manuals and professional cost estimators.